Meet Cora – A Completely Electric Air Taxi

When it comes to the future, there’s nothing more universal than the idea of flying cars.  We’ve seen it in our movies, read it in our books , and now we’re hearing about it in our news.

Cora is on the forefront of that industry beginning with their fixed-wing aircraft which is powered by 12 independent lift fans.  These fans allow Cora to take off and land vertically like a helicopter.  By doing this, Cora eliminates the need for any type of runway.

Currently the range of the craft is only 62 miles (100 kilometers) and can reach speeds of 110 mph (180kph).  Cora is currently being tested in both the United States and New Zealand.  Tests are being done under the Kitty Hawk name in the US and Zephyr Airworks in New Zealand.

This is an additional prototype they named The Kitty Hawk Flyer.

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