How To Tell The Difference Between Cheap Meat & Expensive Meat

In the modern world, how many of us can really tell whether something is high quality or if it was just packaged to present a high quality facade?  The food industry is one the main culprits when it comes to hiding what’s really in the product.

From the pesticides that are sprayed on our fruits and vegetables, to the hormones and antibiotics fed to the animals we consume; food corporations are masters of making the packaging appealing even when the contents are less than ideal.

For instance, most consumers wouldn’t be able to tell you the origin of their meat or how it was raised, how it was handled, etc.  The list of concerns goes on and on.

So how does the modern day foodie, and in particular the meat connoisseur, really understand what they are eating?

Enter Elias Cairo of Olympia Provisions, an American meat and restaurant company based out of Portland, Oregon.  He’s here to tell you what to look for in the cheap meats versus the high quality meats.

Gone are the days of eating poor quality food.  It’s time to step up your game with some knowledge.

From YouTube:

Epicurious challenged meat expert, Elias Cairo, of Olympia Provisions to guess which one of two deli meats was more expensive. Cairo breaks down cuts of salami, ham, bologna, mortadella, hot dogs, sausages, prosciutto. For each round of deli meats, Cairo visually scans, smells, and taste tests each meat before guessing which deli meat costs more. Once the prices were revealed, Cairo explains why a specific deli meat costs more and dives into specifics on what to look for in a deli meat.

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