Doors Handles & Water Traps Are No Match For This Cat

There’s a reason why the Egyptians viewed cats as keepers of the dead.  They’re cunning, stealthy, and down right dangerous under the right circumstances.

This little guy, who goes by the name Mulder, is particularly good at getting right where he doesn’t belong and judging by the sigh of his owner who’s filming the entire thing, you know darn well it’s true!

Way to go Mulder, you’ve proved once again that cats are the most lethal house pet there is on the market.  Your human is either going to need to change all the handles to door knobs, create a barrier so doors can’t be pushed open, or just roll over and adhere to Mulder’s every request.

Either way, it’s a lose lose situation for this human. Cats 1, Humans 0.

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