9 Rules To Dominate The Competition And Run The World

Right now you’re probably sitting in your little cubicle watching the world go by or serving some ungrateful asshole his third cup of tap water with lemon, which you know he’s not going to tip you extra for.

You went to school for a completely different profession than the one you’re currently in and magically wracked up enough student loans to a feed a small village for a decade.

Life is tough as they say.

The truth of the matter is you don’t know what tough is yet.  You’re comfortable, which is the worst possible spot to be in when you’re trying to get somewhere fast.

Comfort breeds safety and safety breeds complacency.  In order to take life by the metaphorical balls or ovaries, one must take risks that they usually aren’t prone to take.

The list below will break down 9 rules to dominate the competition and rule the world.  Take complete control of your life and never look book.

Just think, if you’re really smart and disciplined this year, you could be buying that yacht or lambo you’ve always dreamed about.

#1 Stop Blaming Other People

You heard that right, STOP BLAMING OTHER PEOPLE!

Every single thing from the food you eat in the morning to getting mugged on the way to work.  Own it all.

Does this sound counterintuitive? It does until you realize that by taking complete responsibility for every single thing that has happened in your life, you’re able to now address that thing.  You can make a plan of attack and execute upon it.

You took the power back.

This quality is a must when being a leader in today’s world.  If you want to change the world, you must be responsible for things that happen to it.

#2 Ditch The Vices

Don’t be fooled by the picturesque instagram portfolios and the glamorous lives you see on TV.  Every person on this planet has a vice of some type.  The difference is that some people are much better at disciplining that vice.

In order to completely command your own destiny, you can’t let anything have more power over your life than you.  Whether it comes down to cigarettes, alcohol, sex, etc. it’s completely up to you to tame the beast within and not give it the upper hand.

#3 Minimalize & Simplify

In order to focus on the tasks at hand, you need to eliminate as much of the fluff from your life as possible.  When you’re a leader, you need to focus.  Why did Steve Jobs wear the same outfit every day, why does Mark Zuckerberg still do that now?

By eliminating the minor questions in your life such as “What do I wear?” You leave more time open to focus on the important tasks at hand such as bringing your company public in it’s first IPO.

#4 Always Be Able To Do Your Boss’s Job

In the world of high powered stock brokers, agents, and attorneys; the assistant is the unsung hero.  The person who knows your every wish and habit even before you do.  This is the sponge that will absorb every piece of information exposed to them.

This is also the sponge that will inevitably come in and save their boss from complete failure at some point over the course of their career.  This skill is immeasurably powerful and will yield great results.

The key to making it stick is to stay humble!

#5 Save Money Like It’s Going Out Of Style

When it comes to your finances, take no quarter.  You need to outline a very strict policy on how you plan to build your personal wealth.  After all, money isn’t the root of happiness but as George Jefferson used to say “Money sure do keep the unhappiness away.”

George wasn’t wrong, in fact that might be one of the most truthful lines every spoken.  In today’s society, money equals power and power equals influence.  If you want to move mountains or even the gate at the Playboy Mansion, you need money, power, and influence.

Save Accordingly.

#6 Make A Daily List Of Tasks

There’s something very magical about sitting down in your favorite chair after a long day of work and looking over a list with checkmarks next to all the tasks.  Nothing stimulates the reward part of the brain quite like seeing that you accomplished an entire list of stuff.

Additionally, this list will build momentum within you to keep up with it.  Every day will become a competition to see how much can be accomplished before night sets in.

#7 Keep Your Appointments & Obligations

No one wants to feel like their time is being wasted, especially the people that you want to be working with.  The billionaires and soon to be trillionaires of the world (is that even a word?) are the folks you should be targeting.  These are the movers and shakers.  They get shit done.

Now of course you can’t work with these people off the bat, you need to work up to that level and one of the key stepping stones is keeping your appointments and obligations.

My grandmother used to tell me “Your character is all you really have at the end of the day.”  She was 1000% correct.

#8 Take No Prisoners

When someone is spewing bullshit to your face and you know it, what do you do?  Call them on their BS is what you do.

Don’t get pushed around.  Do the pushing around.  You only get one shot at this life unless you believe in reincarnation or some other form of divine redemption.  I personally don’t.

I believe in the here and now.  I believe in the almighty ability for me to kick names and take some ass (reverse those) for the foreseeable future.

That doesn’t mean go out and hurt someone, it just means that you need to know you’re the shit.  You need to believe it deep down and for the love of God, take no prisoners.

#9 The Mountain Will Fall

How many sticks of dynamite does it take to blow Everest to pixie dust?  I’m not sure off hand.. but what I can tell you is that given enough time, anything can be done.  Given enough time and dynamite, Everest could be blown to kingdom come.

The same way that a prisoner chips away at the prison wall with a pencil until they break free, you must chip away at the future that YOU want.  Never look back, never surrender, and just remember that in the end, the Mountain Will Fall.



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